Morrocco Media come from a background in developing scientifically-researched, emotionally-led video campaigns.  We do fun and unorthodox campaigns that are difficult and challenging, campaigns led by our deep curiosity, and ultimately produced with huge pride.  These have been and continue to be our values.  Our mission is to produce creative, inspiring, unique and emotional films that showcase adventure and Scotland, and, ideally, the two combined.  Our vision is to become a leading developer and producer of television, documentaries and adventure films with a particular focus on Scotland, sport and adventure.  Morrocco Media is owned by Stefan Morrocco.  Stefan specialises in cinematography in remote and challenging environments, with a particular interest in mountain and adventure sports.  As well as being an accomplished cinematographer and editor, Stefan has a real passion for direction and development of stories and concepts.  Stefan discovered his passion for filming when he was doing an upland geomorphology Ph.D. at St Andrew’s University.  As Captain of the University Cycling Club, he found himself leading their entry for a University-wide filming competition.  Anyone who finds themselves still glued to their computer screen editing at 4 AM is definitely passionate about what they are doing.  The interest in filming has blossomed from that first film competition to producing work for everyone from the BBC to local adventure companies.
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