Geoff Allan is an award winning artist, photographer and travel writer and is delighted to display prints from his best selling guide, The Scottish Bothy Bible, at Braemar Mountain Festival 2018. A bothy regular since his student days, he fulfilled the ambitious task of photographing all the images that appear in the book over a five year period of passionate perseverance, the vast majority of the travel undertaken on his trusty bike and public transport. During this time he captured his beloved bothies in all their glory over the changing seasons, chasing weather windows and brief moments of light and mood that are such a defining feature of Scotland’s majestic Highland wilderness.

Geoff launched his book to much acclaim at last years inaugural festival. An authoritative, impeccably researched reference book, the Scottish Bothy Bible is the first ever comprehensive guide to Scotland’s bothies, packed with information including fascinating historical details, and concise walk in descriptions as well as suggestions for day trips, cycle rides and places of interest en route.

Geoff is also maintenance officer for Dibidil, one of the Mountain Bothy Association’s two spectacular bothies on the Isle of Rùm, and 10% of the proceeds from the book go to the MBA for the continued upkeep of the bothies in their protection.

On Sunday 4th March Geoff will be guiding a walk to the bothy at Callater Stable beside Loch Callater near Braemar and will share his unrivaled knowledge, enthusiasm and stories on all things bothy!

Ryvoan Bothy, northern Cairngorms ©Geoff Allan