Born in the lowlands of The Netherlands, the mountainous N.E of Scotland has been Anke Addy‘s for more than 30 years.

During a photographic project on ice in the  2005/6 she read  Nan Shepherd’s book ‘The Living Mountain’ and found the poetic descriptions of the Cairngorms resonated with her own experiences of walking, cycling and skiing in this mountainous landscape.

In 2016 she envisaged a project relating to all aspects of ‘The Living Mountain’ and revisited many mountains and glens the following year to photograph the book’s themes of  Mountains, Air and Light, Water, Snow and Ice, Plants, Birds and Mammals. As Nan Shepherd writes, “But I have come to the living things through the forces that create them.  For the mountain is one and indivisible and rock, soil, water and air are no more integral to it than what grows from its soil and breathes the air.”

Forty images accumulated into a travelling exhibition, while more than 150 colour images have been published in a hard-backed coffee table type photographic book, ‘The Living Cairngorms’.