“Mountains and the visceral nature of the Scottish Highlands are in my DNA.  I was raised on a croft on the edge of the Monadhliadhs, and growing up, I used to be regularly woken by my father getting up in the middle of the night, on his way to join the Cairngorm Mountain Rescue Team to aid their life saving efforts.  Over the years, much of my composing has been influenced by the dramatic scenery of the Scottish Highlands.  I have also long been fascinated by people; the many characters that pop up during my travels as professional musician for the last twenty years.  This project allows me to tap into and weave together some huge sources of inspiration; the rugged beauty of the highlands and real stories about the vital lifesaving work over the decades. The result of this aims to be highly emotional, evocative new work, telling a tale of drama, beauty, hardship and reward.”


– Adam Sutherland